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News & Events
Special Loy Krathong Night Boat Tour
We offer a very special Loy Krathong Night  Boat Tour again this year.
Our tour starts at the BTS Wutthakat Station and transport to the local canal side temple festival...this event is special and unforgettable!

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Slow Boat to Luang Prabang
We are now offering Northern Thailand and Lao Tour!  Your chance to see Luang Prabang World Heritage City and the beautiful cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai as well as the mountain tribes

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Private Family Tour

Why Canal Tour in Bangkok?
In the old days, Bangkok was comprised of hundreds of small canals or “khlong” in Thai and local people mainly traveled by water. They relied heavily on the waterways as this mode of transportation is faster, more convenient and efficient than the land route.

Today, most canals in Bangkok have been filled in and converted into streets. However, on the other bank of the Chao Phraya River, our old capital Thonburi which covers an area west of the river still retains many of its larger khlongs. On this side of the city, it is still possible to see the fields, orchards, small family farms and orchid nurseries that are located in the ever-expanding metropolis of Bangkok.

Must Do in Bangkok “Small Teak Boat Adventure”
A canal tour is a “must do” for people who like to see the traditional Thai ways of living and get a special feeling of Bangkok which can only be obtained by taking a canal tour in Bangkok. Our tour will take you to the old capital in the Thonburi side, a more intimate way to look at the old Siam, with many stops to let you experience the historical, cultural and interactive lives of the local canal people. We take a small group on our teak boat to make an unforgettable journey with a mode of transportation that is now rarely used.

During our sustainable boat tour, you will enjoy magnificent views of lush greenery without leaving Bangkok. We will cruise along the orchards and farms right next to the city.


Pandan Tour Co., Ltd.
TAT License No. 14/00956

780/488 Charoen Krung Road,
Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120

Tel. 08-7109-8873  Tel & Fax: 02-689-1232

: pandantour


"...Great boat tour! It was my adventurous day!! ..." James Cassabian

"...It was an enjoyable day. I am glad that I took the tour?It is a small get away from the hassle baste in the City...." Mimi Kim

"...First, I was a little afraid to get on the boat. But once it started, I enjoyed so much going through the canals with some speed. The boat ride is memorable in my travel in Thailand...." Jennifer Williams

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